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Deborah "Debbie" Sanchez

Debbie is married to Matt Sanchez and together they have three children with a fourth that was called to heaven. She is currently a paraprofessional/teacher's aide at an elementary school in Lindale, TX. There she works with students that struggle in math and teaches an art class. She is also working towards getting her masters in social work with hopes of landing a Social Worker position.

She has served as a missionary in Belize, Romania and Mexico. Serving God and raising her children are her first priorities. And it is proven by her walk in Christ and the evidences in her children.

Debbie joined the IBF because, "I have seen the impact that Bin Son Jeontu, Master Matt and other instructors have had on my son's life and I want to support that for all students".

Mrs. Sanchez currently holds the position of Public Relations Chairperson within the IBF. Her job requires her to manage social media accounts related to the IBF and to promote our organization throughout our community and worldwide.

We are very grateful to have Debbie on our team. She has proven herself in the position she holds. But more importantly, she has proven herself as a Christian in her walk.

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