Josh Munn

Josh became a student of Bin Son Jeontu on  May 30, 2017 with TST Martial Arts Academy in Lindale, Texas. He currently holds the rank of Red Belt and is also an IBF certified Junior Instructor.

In December of 2019 he became a lifetime (Gold) member of the IBF in order to maintain a relationship with his dojo and to complete his Junior Instructor certification.

Josh says that his parents signed him up for martial arts "just for the summer". But since he has grown to enjoy the training and teaching within the dojo. He has learned how to respect himself and others, and to maintain discipline in all areas of his life.

When he is not at the dojo he likes to hunt, fish, play paintball, compete with his junior high band and visit yellow stone park.

Josh has been a great asset to his dojo. And we look forward to witnessing where his journey takes him.

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